Actions - Standard Fields List

Here is the full list of Standard fields attached to Actions in CLASS.

Name Description Edit Options
Action Type Can be added, edited or hidden etc. Two main parent types, Note types and Date (reminder) types.  Types & Categories
Contact method Similar to Mode of Service delivery on some Services. Face 2 face, email, phone etc. Recording each contact.  Types & Categories
Description Primary Action Note field. Click "Design" (tab at bottom) to edit and add links etc. Click Preview (tab at bottom) to see final version, and make links clickable.  In Page
Date Of Creation Date time, defaults to date of creation.  In Page
Assigned to Important for "My Critical Dates"  In Page
Supervisor Like above. Good for tracking "My Critical Dates" etc In Page
Complete tick box - see critical Dates In Page
Critical Marks as Critical In Page
Reminder Email template Selectable. Templates are editable under System Settings. Go to helpdesk for support In Page
Due Date for Certain Actions, usually means you will have this main date (e.g. court date) AND also a reminder (e.g. 2 days before) In Page
Reminder date Reminder date. Can be email or in list.  In Page
Send Calendar File Ticking this will upon saving a browser download of a calendar file designed to be added to calendar.  In Page
Created By Worker who first created the Action, ie. Did the data entry, automates to who is logged in at creation, but can be edited In Page
Court Type Court Attendance Action. Best used edited, and localised by actual court / tribunal names. Types & Categories
No of Attendances To track How many times to court In Page
Attendance Date Track Court Date.  In Page
Minutes Spent.  For tracking this court attendance Court Date, wheres tracking total time of Service would be on Service / Estimated time spent In Page
Client Attended Indicated attendance,  In Page
Hearing Type Can be edited.  Types & Categories
Appearance Type e.g. Conciliation, representation, submission, can be edited Types & Categories
Client Advised Tick box In Page


Mandatory Fields 

The following are the default mandatory fields: 

  • Action Type
  • Created by