Deleting Additional Parties

You may need to delete additional parties due to a data entry error, or as part of a process of deleting client service records. 

The process is as follows. 

Step 1 - Locate Correct Service

Additional Parties, such as other parties, or related parties, are attached to service records (not Services), so the first step is to locate and load the correct service record. This can be achieved using Service Search, or by finding the correct client and locating the correct service from the Client services tab. 

Once the service is located, open it: 

Step one locate the service

Step 2 - Click Additional Parties Tab

See the Red box in the image above

Step 3 - Select the Additional Parties and Click delete

In image below the user first ticks the box next to the additional party. Multiple records may be selected. Then, click the button in top right Corner called 'delete'

Select the Additional Party

Step 4 - Delete Confirmation 

Click Acknowledgement and then press delete buttonClick Acknowledgement