Project Services - Standard Fields List

Here is the full list of Standard fields attached to Project Services (Services for the Community) in CLASS

Name Description Edit Options
Project Service ID Cannot be edited. Prefix of Y for Project Service. Adds +1 automatically for each new Project Service. No
Project Cannot be edited. As Project Services can only be created inside a Project, this field indicates attached Project ID No
Project Service Type Based on original National Legal Data Standards List. Sub Categories can be created etc Types & Categories
Funding Category This field is shared with Services for Individuals Types & Categories
Open Date Defaults to today's date when first saving new project In Page
Primary Law Type (Single Choice) Same as Law Type Below (plan to merge) Types & Categories
Law Type (Multi-Select) Same as Primary Law Type above (plan to merge above into this) Types & Categories
Problem Type Shared with Services for Individual. This means Legal Problem Types. Child codes can be added or edited, if they map up to state or national category Types & Categories
Outreach For services delivered via regular Outreach work, e.g. out of office, at local youth centre, or prison. Adding recommended.  Types & Categories
Service Location A text field to input relevant location information In Page
Target Audience Type Describes target audience if required e.g. Community group or Government Agency etc. Labeled "Target Audience for the Service Types" In Types & Categories. Types & Categories
Target Audience Details As for above, Note for more detail In Page
Collaboration With Field to Add Collaborators, by general description, or able to add named organisations etc.  Types & Categories
Collaboration Details As for above, Note for more detail In Page
Interpretation/Translation Shared with services. Labeled Interpreter/Translator in Types & Categories Types & Categories
Estimated Time Spent This is shared with Project - Field is named "Estimated Time Spent (Project Service)" in Types and Categories. Types & Categories
Keywords Add any keywords, can be searched.  In Page
Assigned To Usually the worker(s) directly handling this service, or may be e.g. volunteer and supervisor In Page
Created By Worker who first created the Service, ie. Did the data entry, automates to who is logged in at creation, but can be edited In Page
Activity Description Note. For CLE Activities. In Page
Activity Type  Note. For CLE Activities, and Community Education. In Page
Resource Type Note. For CLE Resources In Page
Community Education Type Note. For Community Education. In Page
Number of Attendees Note In Page
Number of Activities Delivered Note. For CLE Activities.  In Page
Number of Resources Distributed Note. For CLE Resources In Page
Number of CE Activities Note. For Community Education. In Page
Activity Notes Note. For CLE Activities. In Page
Resource Notes Note. For CLE Resources In Page
Community Education Notes Note. For Community Education. In Page


Mandatory Fields 

The following are the default mandatory fields : 

  • Project Service Type
  • Problem Type
  • Created by

Note: Centres may choose to add more mandatory fields.