Reconciliation Action Plan

Community Legal Centres Australia has a vital role to play in working towards reconciliation in Australia. Our work revolves around defending and advocating for disadvantaged and marginalised Australians, which includes protecting and promoting the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, ensuring they are treated fairly and equitably before the law. 

Our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was developed in 2012 for a three-year period. This process led to the development and inclusion of mandatory cultural safety standards under the National Accreditation Scheme. We worked hard to implement all actions identified in our first RAP, and where actions were not fully implemented they have been incorporated into this second RAP (2017-2019). We are committed to ensuring this RAP is a meaningful and living document that guides and informs our governance, processes and work.

According to Reconciliation Australia, a Reconciliation Action Plan has the following aims:

  • to be a tool to help your organisation build positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • to give you a format for exploring how reconciliation can advance your organisational objectives
  • to show your public contribution towards the national effort to close the seventeen-year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children
  • to formalises your contribution by encouraging you to identify clear actions and realistic targets, as well as lessons learnt
  • to include a creative blend of relationships, respect and opportunities

Find out how your organisation can develop its own RAP by visiting Reconciliation Australia's website.